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The Telegram - 4/15/2016

Municipal Court to host "What Parents Need to Know" forum on drug-related topics

The Jackson County Municipal Court will host a public event next Thursday, April 21, which is designed to provide educational and helpful information about drugs, their use and abuse. The theme of the program will be "What Parents Need to Know about Drug Paraphernalia."

Jackson County Municipal Court Judge Mark Musick says the free event will be held at the Calvary United Methodist Church's Annex at 483 Chillicothe Street in Jackson with the doors opening at 5 p.m. A light buffet meal will be served first with a panel discussion to follow at 5:45 p.m.

Judge Musick commented the event "is for parents, family members, friends, and everyone who can benefit from learning the signs of addiction based upon behavior and objects."

Judge Musick will introduce the Honorable Christopher J Regan, judge of the Jackson County Common Pleas Court, and then the guest speaker for the evening will be The Rev. Vann Ellison, Chief Operating Officer of St. Matthews House (SMH) in Naples, Florida.

SMH operates the Justin's Place Recovery Program, a residential facility that has been housing many numerous substance abusers. Through numerous programs, including the Justin's Place Recovery Program, SMH is able to initiate a second chance at life for many facing their toughest times using established faith-based principles and dedication. To date, Jackson County Municipal Court has sent 38 individuals to Justin's Place for residential recovery. A clear majority of the 38 are currently in full and healthy recovery.

After brief remarks from the speakers, there will be questions and answers in the format of small breakout groups where practical signs of drug abuse will be explained and worrisome questions answered concerning the tools and hints of drug abuse that can be observed if one knows what to look for.

The theme of "What Parents Need to Know about Drug Paraphernalia" is designed to highlight the intended educational aspect of the evening, and is one of information-enabling knowledge with which parents, family, and friends should be armed to detect drug abuse problems as early as possible," Judge Musick explained in a news release. "The theory is that drug abuse like any other disease or condition is one that is most effectively treated as early as possible in the first stages.

"There are keys to observing lethal behaviors and spotting certain drug paraphernalia among a user's possessions," Judge Musick continued. "The devastating effects on the user, from poor academic performance all the way to risk of loss of health or life, will be discussed while the presenters will give lifesaving information on how parents, friends, family, and others can rely on certain indicators and know what is happening."

Present to assist will be licensed counselors from all area agencies (Spectrum, Health Recovery Services (HRS), TASC, Queen Treatment Center, Woodland Centers, and Pike County Recovery Council) all with many years of experience in the substance abuse area, all the way from alcohol to Heroin or even Methamphetamines.

In addition to the counselors, there will be probation officers, intervention specialists, and members of drug court in recovery, all of whom can answer the real-life, practical questions of what things and actions surrounding certain young people might mean. Also, and quite importantly, there will be many parents and family members of persons who have benefited from the Justin's Place Recovery Program.

While this event is aimed at parents, family, and friends of young adults, Judge Musick says everybody is certainly welcome to attend.


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