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NEW Job Opening - 9/28/2018

Job Posting

Job Title: Clinical Supervisor

Program: All TASC of Southeast Ohio Programs Adult/Juvenile


The Clinical Supervisor is a member of the Management Team and the Clinical Services Team. Working under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, s/he is responsible for designing and implementing client services that address the TASC of Southeast Ohio mission and are provided in a manner consistent with Agency vision and values. This is a salaried position with hours and schedule established to complete required duties. This is an “administrative” position, as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor and, as such, is “exempt” from wage and hour regulations.


  1. The Clinical Supervisor must have a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in social work, psychology, or other closely related human service field.

  2. Must be licensed to practice in the State of Ohio in psychology, social work or professional counseling. Must currently hold an LICDC-S, LPCC-S or be an LISW-S.

  3. Must have demonstrated extensive experience in the treatment and care of clients who have mental health, substance abuse or trauma related issues and/or children who have experienced these issues or child abuse / neglect.

  4. S/he must have prior supervisory experience.


  1. Develops, in conjunction with Management Team, proposed objectives, staffing patterns and budgets.

  2. Recommends a system of clinical programming for achieving budget goals and assuring quality of care by adhering to relevant best practices and State mandated requirements.

  3. Initiates and negotiates with staff the review and revision of program elements as needed, consistent with outcome data for continuous quality improvement.

  4. Provides managerial oversight for all clinical services.

  5. Ensures that clinical decisions are made in the best interest of the client.

  6. Manages contracts to insure compliance with requirements.

  7. Facilitates all applicable monitoring and certification site reviews.

  8. Provides and documents individual and group supervision. Conducts annual and introductory evaluations.

  9. Recommends hiring and termination decisions to the Chief Executive Officer.

  10. Participates in local, state, and national networks and advocacy groups.


  1. S/he must demonstrate a current knowledge of counseling and research findings and literature pertaining to alcohol/drug abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse/neglect and mental health issues.

  2. The ability to effectively supervise and manage several professional staff members.

  3. The ability to assess an individual’s need for clinical services.

  4. Knowledge of state and national certification and regulatory standards.

  5. The ability to complete accurate and timely documentation.

  6. The ability to work independently.

  7. Demonstrated knowledge of community resources and referral sources.

8. Must demonstrate the ability to effectively function as a TSO team member.

9. Must demonstrate the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks concurrently.

10. Must possess and demonstrate effective communication and organizational skills.

11. Must demonstrate the ability to customarily and regularly exercise discretion and independent judgment in significant matters.

Updated Resume and Cover Letter to be addressed to:

Stephen K. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer

499 Jackson Pike, PO Box 88

Gallipolis, OH 45631

Faxed to: 740-441-2928

You can also apply on our website:

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